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Over the past 11 years “King Auto Glass” has served the Topeka area. The owner, Roberto, came to Topeka 17 years ago, originally from Los Angeles, California, where he began his journey as an installer when he was only 21 years old. In that moment he started to dream with open his own auto glass shop. Was in 2006 when he decided to take the risk and open his own business with only $800 dollars to invest. At the beginning it was really rough, his goal was to beat the competitors prices and to offer free mobile service to make it easier for customers, but more than anything to give the best satisfying service for ever customer. As he began to make his dream comes true he realized it was possible but it was not going to be easy it would take dedication, love for the business, support and effort. He realized the only way to grow his business was to work a part-time job and work full-time at “King Auto Glass”. Year after year business began to grow and the Topeka community began to choose “King Auto Glass” for their glass replacement. Shops and dealerships also began to give him the opportunity. It’s been a long journey but Roberto is proud of his small family business, he now has 2 more installers and 2 secretaries and is looking forward to serving many more years not only the Topeka area but other small town as well, and he loves to show his support to other small local business.

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King Auto Glass
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Removing a Windshsield

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Auto Glass

We are expert to replace different types of Auto Glass, like windshields (with rain sensor, acoustic interlayer, third visor,etc) Back Windows (mobile, or stationary, with heated, and more) Door Glass, and more.

Installing a Windshield

Windows Motors

We offer assistance to repair your, electrical or manual windows motors, for a good maintenance of your vehicle.

repairing a window motor

Windows Tinting

We are very happy to announce to our clients, our new service: windows tinting, alarms and stereos, call us for a estimate

Car Stereo Tune Ups